At WIROC 2024 we will be running an OPEN Theatre where videos made by delegates will be presented by the delegates. The videos must highlight routine or innovative procedures, newer technique or even examination of a patient.

The videos will be reviewed by our reviewers. The 4 best videos will be selected for presentation in the Best Video Competition at WIROC 2024. The rest of the selected videos will get a presentation during the open theatre session.


    Video & Abstract submission deadline is September 30th.

    Both a written abstract and a video must be submitted for evaluation.

    Written abstract must explain what the video is aiming to demonstrate (150 words).

    Manufacturer’s demo videos are not allowed and will mean automatic disqualification.


    File format: .mp4

    Duration: Maximum 8 minutes

    The 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio is preferred. Please edit in the native format of your camera if you can. 4:3 is acceptable. However, please do not “stretch” your video.

    The maximum video size allowed as an abstract is 500 MB

    Patient Privacy: Identifying information, including patients' names, initials, or hospital numbers, must not appear. This typically happens in pre and post-operative radiographs, and MRIs. Written consent must be obtained from each person appearing in the work.

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