At WIROC 2024, the organizers wish to encourage more delegates to present their work. With this in mind, abstracts can be submitted for submission in 10 broad categories. The best abstract in every category will be selected for presentation at the Masalawala Best paper session.


    The deadline for submission of abstracts in any category is September 30th.

    Abstract submission can ONLY be done through the WIROC 2024 website -

    Only registered delegates are allowed to submit abstract.

    The same paper cannot be submitted for presentation in two different categories.

    A delegate can make only 1 presentation in each category.

    Only the lead author of the paper can make a scientific presentation at WIROC 2024. Presenting author and no one else from the team gets a certificate for presentation.

    The names of authors and the lead author cannot be changed after submission.

    Please do not mention name of author or institution anywhere in the abstract or else, it will mean automatic disqualification.

    The submitted scripts will be reviewed by a panel of experts in a blinded and coded fashion; WIROC 2024 Scientific Committee will intimate the delegate about the acceptance or rejection of the paper.

    The decision of the scientific committee is final regarding selection of your abstract for presentation at the conference.

    The WIROC 2024 Committee reserves the right to withdraw a paper at any time.


Automatic disqualification occurs if:

    Disclosure of author(s) name(s) or affiliation(s) directly or indirectly anywhere in the text of the paper.

    Previously published study.

    Papers previously presented in WIROC.

    Plagiarized / doctored study.


    Log on to the WIROC 2024 website -

    Click on Abstracts.

    Read the general guidelines.

    Click on the category in which you want to submit the abstract.

    Read the guidelines for abstract submission in that category.

    Now upload your abstract / video.

    Once it is uploaded, then press the submit button on the screen.

    Only, if you get a dialogue box on the screen that your “Abstract has been submitted successfully” has your abstract been successfully uploaded.

Click here to submit abstract