Your Chance

Your Chance to be a faculty at WIROC 2017

WIROC is the most popular orthopedic conference drawing close to 1000 delegates from across the country. This year, we present you with an opportunity to be part of the faculty pool to showcase your orthopedic knowledge. Meet the giants in orthopedics, rub shoulders with researchers, be photographed with celebrity orthopedic surgeons and most importantly be recognized as an accomplished orthopedic surgeon.

This year, we wish to discuss how to identify disasters in surgical practice, how you identified that a disaster is going to occur, how did you prevent it from occurring and if you did face one, how did you manage and what was the outcome. A disaster is a complication that completely changes the outcome of surgical treatment. It disables the patient and usually there is no satisfactory corrective treatment available to correct it, or an intra-operative situation that puts considerable burden of skills and resources to solve it.

Some examples would be;

  • Neuro-Vascular catastrophe
  • Broken instrument in intra articular surgery
  • Visceral perforation/damage
  • Catastrophic unusual infection
  • Intra operative iatrogenic fracture or injury to important structures
  • Impacted implant
  • Irreparable damage to limb during surgery
  • Lost instrument or implant in wound

We want to learn from all of you so that we can prevent its occurrence in our own practice. So submit *Case reports, Symposia, Lectures* and we shall scrutinize it and selected delegates will have opportunity to present it to elite audience. For case report to be selected, it must be complete case with pictures X-rays & references, reviews. Time allotted for presentation would be 6 minutes with 4 minutes for discussion.

If you wish to submit application for symposium, tell us the;

  • Topic
  • List of speakers and their topics
  • Send their complete presentation

Time for the symposium would be limited to 30 minutes with maximum of 3 presentations (speakers) of 8 minutes each and 6 minutes for discussion. Submit complete presentation and full registration fee of all speakers to qualify for selection. Last day of submission is August 31, 2017. Submitted material will be scrutinized by the scientific committee and their decision will be final. The best case Symposia / Lecture will get an honorable recognition from Bombay Orthopaedic Society.

*This is YOUR CHANCE to be in the limelight, grab it with both hands. Be there on the grand WIROC 2017 stage*

So hurry up, dig up your records and send your presentation to