Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

We, the organisers of WIROC 2017 asks you all to join us in achieving “Perfection through Protocols”. This compliments the underlying theme of WIROC 2017, where we aim to share experiences of the faculty in avoiding and solving orthopaedic catastrophes. Yes friends, we will discuss subjects which were taboo. They were avoided and neglected in past years, right from intraop broken instruments to missing equipment to problems during implant removal.

Under the leadership of President C. J. Thakkar, we Harshad Argekar and Neeraj Bijlani will attempt to unravel the dark side of orthopaedic surgery, its disasters. We will empower you to anticipate, identify, preempt and tackle intraop complications with the skill imparted by the masters who have “been there and done that”. Not only that, we plan to empower you to avoid these same errors through use of protocol based management systems.

In addition to this, we have the usual flavours of WIROC, the free papers, symposia, debates and orations. We have fora for the young and veteran surgeons. For the first time in WIROC, we will have delegates presenting their cases in “MY WIROC”. We assure you that this WIROC will focus on content rather than glamour, method rather than result and delegates rather than faculty. We, Harshad Argekar and Neeraj Bijlani will attempt to give you a WIROC you will remember.

We have chosen a central location for the event so that it is convenient for all to attend. The Hotel Grand Hyatt Santacruz has been recently upgraded and renovated just for us. The charges have been kept reasonably low as we want maximum number of orthopaedic surgeons to participate.

So friends, we are looking forward to seeing you in person to celebrate the 52nd year of BOS in WIROC 2017.

Thank you

  • Dr. Harshad Argekar

    Organizing Secretary
    WIROC 2017

  • C. J. Thakkar

    Organizing President
    WIROC 2017

  • Dr. Neeraj Bijlani

    Organizing Secretary
    WIROC 2017