53rd Annual Conference of Bombay Orthopaedic Society

Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

Audio-visual team from Preview rooms of WIROC 2018 sends its warm greetings. The team is eager to run your presentation in a flawless, exemplary manner. This is only possible if we, you and us work in coherence.

We would like to share with you a few of our requirements for smooth running of events. We have arranged for top class laptops with up-to-date software for you to use in the preview room as well as at the lectern in each of the three halls of the conference. All lectures have to be played this way as NO personal laptops are allowed. Please prepare your presentation in MS Power Point (.pptx- 2013 or later ) or Keynote 6.5 version (.key) ( older ppt. format and older keynote’09 format is not recommended and may not work in WIROC 2018 setup).

All the three halls, will have large LED screens in rectangular shape like a cinemascope theatre. For best results, your presentation should be prepared in 16:9 proportions. Minimum size of your lettering should 40; the halls are large and lettering (font size) smaller than 40 size may not be visible in the last rows. Please do not use white background for your slides because with LED wall is very bright, white screen’s dazzle hurts the eyes. Instead use dark background and light fonts.

If during the presentation you have something to point out on the screen, do plan to use animated arrows; with a click of a button an arrow appears at precise the point and serves the purpose. Laser pointers are available on the lectern but the screens are large and one may waste several precious seconds to spot the point of interest. Besides a laser pointer is ineffective on a LED wall and as multiple screens are used for judges and chairpersons

Videos in presentation

Videos can make or break a conference. These are fun to watch provided they work well on cue. However, videos universally follow Murphy’s Law: if anything is likely to go wrong, it will.

To beat Murphy at his game please convert your video to one of the following types: MP4 format. There are hundreds of video formats; each camera company has one for each of its models and so on. The three formats mentioned above are simplest and work well on our machines. Conversion is easy; your computer will have a converter or one may download free soft ware from website “Smart Converter”: http://www.shedworx.com/ smartconverter. If you are an Apple user, then the film making programmes helps you to label your video and the out put is in MP4 that runs flawlessly each and every time.

When you insert the video in the slide please select ‘run automatic’. With ‘start by clicking’ option, the computer wastes several moments, squanders the presenter’s precious time and audience looses patience. If the video starts before you want it, it is controllable with a click of the space bar.

Do carry separately an extra copy of the video/s with you to the preview room where we will ensure, your video runs as you want and when you want

Preview room has a good viewing and sitting facility; besides tea and coffee arrangements are available just outside the preview room.

As a presenter in WIROC 2018 please submit your presentations at least 4 hours before your scheduled time of presentation. The program starts early every morning. The presenters in the morning session are required to test their presentations a day prior, latest by 3 PM. This will ensure that the presentation will run on time and without a hitch

Please be seated in the front row of the respective hall in good time for your presentation. We are running a large programme and time lines are precise. There are automatic arrangements to cut-off a presentation that is running over time. These parameters are preset and cannot be manually overridden. Please practice and limit your talk to allotted time to prevent yourself from running out of time and having to curtail your presentation.

Do email us on techwiroc@gmail.com

or you can call/ sms

Dr Neeraj Bijlani – 9892021844 or

Dr Mishil Parikh – 9820800648

if you have questions or have any special requirements.